Want to style your diamond iced-out chainthis summer? if yes then read on! Summer is around the corner and it's time to refresh our jewellery boxes. When temperatures rise, we tend to wear less clothing which provides the perfect opportunity to show off statement jewelry pieces. This summer, iced-out diamond jewellery is predicted to be a major trend. The sparkling look of diamonds combined with precious metals creates show-stopping styles that instantly grab attention. But what exactly are the top iced-out diamond jewellery trends you'll be seeing everywhere this coming season?

  • Chunky Diamond Tennis Chains

Chunky tennis chains have become increasingly popular over the last few years. This summer, expect to see wider and heavier diamond tennis chains in both silver and gold metals. The bolder look ups the wow factor and brilliant diamonds weaved throughout the links provide next-level sparkle. Thick diamond tennis chains make excellent layering pieces and have a very luxe aesthetic for summer style.

  • Oversized Diamond Hoop Earrings

No jewellery box is complete without hoop earrings. This summer, go big or go home. Oversized diamond hoop earrings will be seen on fashionistas everywhere in warm weather months. The exaggerated scale makes them an eye-catching choice and diamantes around the bands or hugged inside the hoops offer icy bling. From chic chunky hoops to large diamond huggies, plus-sized diamond hoop earrings are a major iced-out jewellery trend this season.

  • Bejeweled Diamond Nameplate Necklaces

Nameplate necklaces had a major moment back in the 1990s and they're back in a big way for summer 2022! Today's nameplate necklaces are more ornate, featuring creative fonts with birthstones, crystals, or diamonds embedded. Having your name spelt out in sparkly diamonds is the ultimate flashy necklace to wear over summer outfits. This nostalgic throwback jewellery trend is fun and personalized!

  • Boho Diamond Chokers

Festival season is prime for boho-chic jewellery. Among the top trends are 1920s-inspired diamond chokers. Dainty rows of diamonds, intricate filigree patterns, or Deco-inspired geometric lines have a vintage glam vibe. Boho diamond chokers epitomize effortless summer style with pretty floral dresses or crochet tops. Stack a few together for more impact! This romantic take on chokers feels both modern and timeless.

  • 90s Diamond Hip Hop Chains

Hip-hop chains are back once more thanks to 90s revival fashion. But we're taking the iconic style to new heights with diamond-encrusted chains. Massive curb and Figaro link chains dripping in dazzling diamonds make an updated version of this nostalgic men's jewellery. Whether worn layered or solo, these iced-out hip-hop chains scream summer swag. Let your inner rapper shine bright in this blinged-out retro jewellery trend.

Should You Follow These Diamond Jewelry Trends?

The luxury jewellery trends for summer will undoubtedly make a bold splash. Diamonds, chunky chains and hoops take everyday outfits to the next level with their show-stopping shine. For fashion followers who love making a statement, these icy styles are fun to incorporate. Yet classic jewellery wearers may prefer more understated everyday diamond pieces with versatility across seasons. Ultimately how you style these iced-out jewelry trends is up to your personal taste!


The hottest diamond jewellery trends this coming summer exude statement glamour. Expect to see celebrities and influencers rocking chunky diamond tennis chains, oversized diamond hoop earrings, bejewelled nameplate necklaces, boho diamond chokers, and 90s-inspired hip-hop chains dripping in diamonds. These icy bling jewellery pieces pack plenty of wow factors for summer fashion.

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